The biggest tip I can give to any entrepreneur is be organized. Have folders and if necessary, have folders within folders. If you have taken any of those personality tests, I have taken many, I understand organization can be more of a personality trait. However, I fully believe that being organized can save you time and money in the long run. And, after all, my biggest word or motto to say is “efficiency.”

Here are a few folders or items I recommend for you to have that has helped me be efficient in my business.

Brand Book/Guidelines

A brand book or brand guidelines is a multi-page document that outlines what your brand is. What is a brand? Think of it as your business’ personality. This document talks about your colors, fonts, logos, what to do and what not to do, etc.

Having an organized document might not be on your list to do, but I do highly recommend having a folder on your computer or in the cloud that you can go to with all this information.

Having all this information in one spot is useful for when you need to find this information, of course, or when you want to hire someone to help you especially in marketing. Then you can just send this folder or document so they will get an idea of what your branding is.

Excel Sheet and Folder for Invoices

Another word for this is bookkeeping. I know many entrepreneurs don’t like bookkeeping, but it will really help in the long run. For new entrepreneurs, I suggest having an Excel sheet or Google doc with these labels:

  • Client
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Price of Invoice
  • Date of Payment

I also suggest keeping your invoices in one folder or putting the invoices in a folder of that client. This helps when you need to go back and check anything or refer back to it for taxes.

Networking Journal

My biggest suggestion to any entrepreneur is to network. Even if you are an online businesses and, yes, even during COVID, network! There are many networking events online. And, to keep everything and everyone straight, I suggest keeping a journal.

This journal can help you remember who you have talked with and what you talked about. If you need to ask them follow-up questions, if you want to refer someone to them, or if they refer someone to you, you will have notes.

Marketing Content Monthly Folders

Another big help for me with my clients is having folders for each month of content creation. For example, in my client’s folder, I have a folder for all social media graphics for December and another for January, as an example.

This might be an obvious suggestion, but many entrepreneurs tend to throw everything in just one big folder and it can be hard finding things later.

Organization is a Habit

These organization tips all help with making your work more efficient. You don’t want to spend 30 minutes looking for one document or one graphic to post. You want to find it quickly so you can spend the rest of your time doing what you do best!

If you are thinking to yourself, well, I am a new entrepreneur, I don’t have that many clients, I can spend 30 minutes, no problem. I would like to say in return, habits are built.

You might not have many clients now, you might have the time available now, but it is good practice to practice for later. Once you develop the habit then, when you actually need it, it will be second nature.

Plus, have you had to organize something that has been left in chaos for months or years? It isn’t pretty! Starting as early as possible can really help in the long run.

I would love to hear if these tips have helped you stay organize while running and managing your online business! Feel free to contact me, details below!

About Marinella:

Marinella Yule is a marketing consultant where she helps clients from around the world. She speaks English, Spanish, and French and even teaches English and Spanish as a foreign language online. Through her business experience, she has created Build a Business eCourse for any type of entrepreneur and the course takes them through all the steps needed to starting, building, and growing a business online with free or budget-friendly tools and programs.

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