Pinterest is known to be a platform where brands market their products and services. This community of marketers on Pinterest has grown exponentially throughout the years. Especially now in this year of the pandemic, businesses moved online, and Pinterest marketing witnessed new heights. Pinterest is all about getting your message out there and connecting with people. Promoting yourself or your brand is just something the platform of Pinterest helps you greatly with. However, not every beginner is familiar with the best practices of Pinterest SEO. That is why we have brought you top 10 Pinterest tips for beginners.

1. Use Trends

Take a look at the hot and popular trends going on Pinterest. Use them to promote yourself. You can see what is popular on Pinterest by browsing through the popular feed.

2. Post original content

Nobody pays attention to copied or plagiarized content. Whether it is text or images, ensure everything you’re putting out there is 100% original. Pinterest favours original content. Copying your competition would not get you anywhere.

3. Stand out

The competition on Pinterest is tough. Unless you come up with original content and make yourself stand out, your efforts would be wasted. Analyze your competitor’s moves and see how they promote themselves, then come up with your own strategy.

4. Using Keywords and Hashtags

As per whatever you’re promoting on your Pinterest account, look up some relevant keywords and hashtags. Use these keywords in titles to make your presence known in the sea of competition. Using trending hashtags is one of the most basic best practices of digital marketing.

5. Beautiful Visuals

Graphics hold more importance on Pinterest than text. To engage more traffic on your account, post attractive graphics and images that would immediately catch the eyes of your prospects. On my website you can find fully customizable Pinterest templates to make your Pin designing easier than ever.

6. Titles

As we mentioned above, using keywords in titles is recommended to drive traffic towards your pins. However, another important element is using sharp, concise, and bold words. Your titles are the next thing that people would pay attention to after the visuals.

7. Posting Consistently

Your followers will lose interest if you take long breaks from posting. To keep them engaged, post consistently throughout the week. Stay connected with your audience, and don’t let your competitors pull them to their side!

8. Know Your Audience

If you do not know your audience, the chances are that your marketing is failing. See which age group and gender do you want to target and post accordingly.

9. Quality Over Quantity

Quality is something that most people forget when it comes to attracting people on social media. While posting consistently is necessary, quality should be given just as much importance.

10. Group Boards

You can join relevant group boards and see how admins keep the members engaged. After proper examining, you should aim to create your own community in a group board as well.

Those were ten of the top ways to grow your Pinterest account. I hope this guide proves out to be helpful for you in achieving your goals.

Good Luck, pinning!